Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year

The new year has arrived and so an opportunity for reflection.

We have been here for nearly two years and will begin the third year of our three year commitment to Hospitalito and the diocese of Sololá-Chimaltenango.

We have been blessed in so many ways.  

At the Hospital we've been part of a remarkable trans location from the old "interim" hospital -- which was a backpackers hostel -- to the "new" Hospitalito, which should be called "Hospitalote" or grande, allowing plenty of room to grow in the future.  We've seen the Guatemalan doctor staff grow to 4 full time generalists, an obstetrician and now a pediatrician.  Hospitalito has become part of the country's education of pediatricians which places a final year pediatric resident at Hospitalito full time.

We have also seen our role change from primary caregivers to more educational and administrative roles.  In this regard, Brent was recently elected to the board of Hospitalito.

Our children have made friends, attend school locally, and continue to amaze us at how little it takes to make a child happy!

We are so grateful for the many ways our family and friends back home continue to support us -- thank you!