Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Ultrasound

We recently received a new ultrasound machine.  This was obtained by a donation from Mission Doctors Association.

It is a portable US so it allows us to take it to the wards, outpatient, maternity and recently to one of our outreach clinics.

It really helps to direct our care of patients!

The photo is of Dr. Dabo our Obstetrician/Gynecologist with the new portable US.


Friday, January 24, 2014


We asked the children to write "something" about Christmas this year, here is what they wrote.
Nicholas had a bit of prompting.


This year we had Christmas in Cameroon. It was fun, but I still missed my family. I got many Christmas presents like Legos, candy, gloves, a video game, and a magic set. But my favorite gift was Jesus coming to the world. This gift was from God.    

This Christmas was special because it was in Cameroon. There was no snow, but it was still fun. We did Advent calendars, hung stockings, decorated our tiny Christmas Tree In-A-Box and watched Christmas movies. The most exciting part was Christmas morning and seeing the presents left under the tree, and the milk, cookies and carrots gone. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, even in Cameroon.

Christmas was really fun. I got candy, a little stuffed bunny that I named Carrots or Fluffy. I also got little glass animals from Santa. I got a Polly Pocket girl with some clothes. I also got princess slippers and a lot of other stuff. We made some ornaments for the Christmas tree. We opened our advent calendars every day. We also went to a play about Mary and Joseph. When we woke up the carrots, cookies, and milk were gone.

What is special about Christmas?  Receiving presents, time with family, the birth of Jesus.
What did you do?  Put decorations up on the windows and a little Christmas tree including a star on top.
We went to celebrations including mom and dad’s anniversary that the Sisters had for them, Christmas Mass and a Christmas play at the hospital.