Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nice Surprise

Had a nice surprise the other day as a medical student was presenting a patient to me,  in the outpatient clinic.  While reviewing the chart, I noted it was a patient we had seen in the emergency room over a year ago after an accident.

Diego Sosof, was riding on the back of a motorcycle and, as is the custom here, without a helmet.   He was going to get medicine for his wife when they were hit by a truck. He arrived at the hospital unresponsive, pupils fixed and dilated and with difficulty breathing.  It did not look good as head trauma in our setting has a very poor prognosis.  We intubated him and transferred him to the capital where patients can be treated for head trauma and where ventilators are available.  After the incident I had heard he had survived but had not seen him and never knew for sure his outcome or functional status.

He informed us that he had spent almost two weeks in the referral hospital with many days on the ventilator.  After he returned home, he had little use of his right arm but after 4 months of physical therapy he now has full use of his arm.  He still feels weak and tires easily but is able to help out around the house and attends church.  His wife works odd jobs to provide for the family.