Friday, May 6, 2016

Dear family and friends,

We will be returning to the US in mid May 2016.   We are going back to be closer to our parents who are growing older. It is hard to leave Cameroon, but we feel that it is important for us to be at home at
this time.

We want to thank all of you for your support over the last 6 years. When we arrived in Guatemala in February 2010, we never imagined the gifts that God would bring to our family and to each of us individually as we've tried to answer God's call.  Thank you for allowing this to happen. Through your prayers and support we have truly seen God's presence here on earth. 

Our time in Cameroon has been very special. We have been inspired by the witness of the Tertiary Sisters if St. Francis in their service to the sick and poor.

We will especially miss the patients and friends we have made here. The patients are so grateful. Out of their small resources they often show their gratitude with a bag of corn or beans or avocados. We will miss the rain, mangos,ndole and ground nut soup. We will miss living so close to the hospital, school and church that we can walk to each in less than 10 minutes. We will miss feeling needed and wanted in our work. We will miss the faithfulness of the people. We will miss the slower pace of life and having more family time. We will even miss homeschooling.

Please continue to pray for God’s healing to come down on the patients in Guatemala and Cameroon, for the staff as they continue to serve those in need, and for our family as we move back to the US.

Again, thank you for making this life changing experience possible for our family. We will continue this blog during our transition back and invite you to continue following us.

Peace and love to you and your loved ones,
 Brent, Jennifer, Christopher, Elizabeth, Julianne and Nicholas

May 2010, not long after our arrival in Guatemala

February 2016, family photo at the Sonshine Christian Academy in Cameroon

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Nelly is a 6 year old boy who presented with measles. It is not common to see measles in the US or
even here in Cameroon due to vaccination.

Besides the measles, he was secondarily infected with pneumonia. He was very sick, requiring oxygen for several days. He is better in the photo although still looks sick. His 3 and 4 year old brothers were also admitted in the same room, also with measles and severe secondary infections.

They all recovered and at discharge were back to normal.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Yaya is an 8 year old child who was recently admitted with fever and vomiting and found to be unconscious and anemic. He began to have seizures shortly after admission.

He was diagnosed with cerebral malaria and severe anemia, given IV fluids, malaria treatment, antibiotics, anti-seizure medication, and had a blood transfusion.

After about 5 days of waiting and reassurance to his parents, Yaya began to wake up. A few days later, he was talking, playing, eating, and walking without difficulty.

It is amazing how fast children can bounce back after a serious illness!