Friday, July 25, 2014

Thank you Dr. Garlitos

Dr. Garlitos, is an internal medicine doctor from Southern California.  He has come to Njinikom through Mission Doctors Association.

He has been with us for the last month and has been working on the Male and Tuberculous wards.

He has also helped in the out patient department and with our therapeutic committee which overseas our HIV patient population.

We have really appreciated all of his help and look forward to his next visit!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last night delivery

Sisters Hilda and Sister Cornelia called us last night to see one of the cows ("Advent")  deliver.

So at midnight we (Jen, Brent and kids) saw the delivery of "Daisy"..... so named by Julianne.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Our outreach at St. Martin De Porres includes 6 different clinics.

The clinics are 30 minutes to 3 hours traveling time from Njinikom.

One of the most challenging aspects, for these clinics, is their isolation and lack of transport.  This is especially true in the raining season when only motorcycles can get through.

All of these clinics deliver babies but cannot do a cesarean or transfuse blood.  You can imagine how challenging this would be for a patient with obstructed labor or postpartum hemorrhage at 2:00 AM on the back of a motorcycle!

We have been able to take our portable US to these clinics. Some of these clinics have no electricity which makes having the portable US with batteries especially nice.

We have identified a number of high risk pregnancies and these patients will deliver at St. Martin De Porres. Hopefully our out reach visits will decrease the number of transfers at 2:00 AM!