Friday, April 25, 2014

Sister Xaveria

Sister Xaveria recently left her position as Matron at St. Martin De Porres Catholic Hospital and will now be overseeing the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis’ hospitals and health centers in Cameroon.

She spent 14 years as the Matron at St. Martin De Porres. During this time there was considerable growth including new surgical and obstetric wards, new theatre, chapel, and many other structures that have become part of the hospital.

She also created a place of caring and love, not only among the workers, but especially for the patients who come here.

We have been honored and blessed to know Sr. Xaveria and we know that her new position will bless many more.

Thank You Sister Xaveria!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Junior arrived from a referring hospital with his grandmother. He had been ill for 6 days and presented unconscious, seizing and febrile. His labs showed malaria, a low hemoglobin of 3 (normal 12 and above), low calcium of 1 (normal 8 – 10) and an elevated white blood count.  Treatment was started.

With a lot of praying and help from our growing expat consulting service (thank you Dr. Angela!), Junior improved over the next few days and was discharged much better than he arrived!