Monday, April 2, 2012


Ana arrived to Hospitalito at about 9 months pregnant.  she had been leaking fluid without contractions and was diagnosed with Premature rupture of membranes.  She was started on medicine to start contractions.

After about 8 hours it was noted that the baby was having slowing of the heart and an exam revealed that the cord had prolapsed (fallen) down in front of the child's head.

This can be a devastating complication of labor with many children not surviving. 

The Doctor on call quickly called the team together and Ana was delivered by an emergency c-section.  All went well and Ana was very happy to see her new child.

Examination of the placenta, after delivery, showed a "Velamentous cord insertion".
This is where the cord inserts abnormally into the placenta and can be very dangerous.  

The first picture is of Ana with her baby, Lydia, her mother and her grandmother.  4 generations !  The second is a picture from their postpartum checkup.