Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Hospitalito

We went to the Hospitalito Christmas celebration the other day.  It was at a nearby chalet with a pool and big grassy area.  We played games and groups did skits.  The group that was in charge of the cooking made an incredible meal on an open pit BBQ.  They made grilled chicken, carne asada, chorizo (pork sausage), grilled vegetables, potatoes, salsa made from grilled tomatoes, and guacamole.  It was delicious.  

We don't eat a lot of meat here, so Julianne kept asking for clarification on each meat she was eating..."So this is the chicken's leg and this is cow and this is pig.  I like pig!"

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

We, and especially the kids, are looking forward to Christmas.  The holiday is creeping up on us here without TV and the Christmas sales that start in October (or before).  

The priest emphasized at Mass one day that Christmas does not begin until the 25th.  Now it is Advent, the time of spiritual preparation.  It seems that for many in the US, when Christmas finally comes, the Christmas season ends the same day.  It has been refreshing here.  Of course, the hardest part is that we will spend it without our extended families.
We did buy a small artificial tree which is decorated with a few ornaments, ribbons, and things the kids made. It is just right!  We are planning a Christmas Day dinner here with the volunteers that will be here over the holidays. 

P.S. The picture of the tree is not our "small tree" but the tree in the center of town!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yesterday we woke up and it was 57 degrees inside the house.  (We do not have an outside thermometer, but it was clearly colder outside.)  We never thought we would be cold in the mission field especially after being in Ghana where we were always hot.  
It warms up beautifully during the day, but nights and mornings are cold.  We are at 5,105 feet so I guess the cold should be expected, but sure makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning especially with no heat to turn on!

Busy Time

It's been a busy time at Hospitalito.  The first floor of the new hospital has opened after years of work in planning and building.  As much of a challenge as it was to build the new hospital it will be as big of a challenge to run it.  As Hospitalito enters a new era, we are honored to be part of this and hope we are able to help in the challenges that lie ahead.  There are still many sections of the hospital that are yet to be completed and we are awaiting these areas with great anticipation over the next year or years especially the blood bank.

We have had a number of visitors who helped with the opening and moving everything from the old hospital to the new hospital.  Lynn Powe, a nurse, came for the month of November, taking Spanish classes in the mornings and working in the hospital in the afternoons.  She provided much appreciated support to the nursing staff.  We were also able to use Lynn's baby sitting services and enjoyed a dinner out. 

Linda Harris, an obstetrician, and Betty Kaye Taylor, a nurse midwife and ultrasonographer, both from Medford, OR and people who worked with us at La Clinica, came to help set up the obstetrical department.  They did a great job and helped with a number of deliveries and ultrasounds as well.  They brought us many goodies which we are savoring and took us out to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at a local restaurant that caters to gringos.  We had everything good and wonderful for dinner.  Julianne kept asking for more of the "chicken with salsa," translation turkey with gravy.