Monday, March 26, 2012


Guatemala has one of the highest infant mortality rates in Central and South America.   It is no wonder then, when a child turns one, that it is a time to celebrate.

Recently we had the honor to attend the birthday of our godchild Daniel Jonas (see previous blog). It was a fun afternoon filled with laughter, music, cake, party hats and a piƱata.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Manos de Compasion

We have been so blessed to come to know Dave and Deborah Reichard.

The Reichard's are a young couple who oversee the local orphanage here in Santiago Atitlan. The orphanage called "Manos de Compasion" was started in 1999 in Guatemala City and moved to Santiago Atitlan in 2006.  In 2009 Dave and Deborah took over.  

We came to learn about Manos de Compasion as Dave and Deborah would bring the children to Hospitalito for their initial physical exams and acute illnesses.
They have 20 children in their house with 9 of these in diapers!  And we thought it was a challenge to have three in diapers. 

We have been able to share a number of Holidays and birthdays with all of them at the orphanage and at our house. Jennifer has also been able to fill in, at times, taking care of the kids when Dave and Deborah need to go to the City for the day. Jennifer is truly amazing!
Each child that comes into their care brings with them such tragic stories but each day they are at Manos de Compasion is an opportunity to witness Christ among us through the love and care that Deborah and Dave give. 

To learn more about Manos de Compasion visit these web sites: